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OpenTom Linux on your TomTom(tm)...?

Currently the old Wiki is ... still not here.

But if you want to program your TomTom, try this "unOfficial" OpenTomSDK to make your own Linux distribution.

Get the source here : OpenTomSDK-0.4.1.tar.gz


What contains this Linux distribution ?

  • A graphical interface with a small but customisable menu launcher based on nano-X.
  • Some graphical utilities : flmessage, flxplorer, flkill, nxlight, xnloadmon, power_button, xnterminal, the customizable Pixil keyboard, nxpad_gnuboy.
  • Some applications (in last version 2014): OpenTom CooReader3, Dillo 3 WEB browser, DosBox, GnuBoy, LinApple, MADPlay, Navit, a Text editor, a spreadsheet.
  • Some games : caanoo-12swap, freecell, EggChess, FreeCell, Jooleem, Martian-Memory, Nanobrick, nxtetravex, Net-Bubble, OpenDune2, PipePanic, ScummVM, Sudoku, Tetris, TuxChess, YaCheckers, YaReversi.
  • that uses some libraries : bluez-utils-2.15, csrinit, curl-7.35, espeak-1.48, FLTK-1.3.2, freetype-2.3.12, glib-1.2.10, glib-2.14.6, id3tag-0.15, jpeg-6b, png-1.2.50, libzip-0.11.2, Microwindows Nanox+NXLib (git version), PortAudio(v19), SDL(image,mixer,net,ttf)-1.2, openssl-1.0.1f, tslib-1.0, zlib-1.2.8.
  • Bluetooth ready.
  • Can mount USB stick or hard drive, or be plugged on you Internet Box, with a "USB On-The-Go" like cable.
  • Easy to interface with TomPlayer.
  • Easy to customize with the pre-enabled Telnet USB access (+FTP server).


  • A Linux environment,
  • a minimal of 2Go free hard disk space,
  • near 30 minutes (on a Core2 Quad 2.33Ghz with ADSL2) to build and install the result.
  • 120Mo on your TomTom SDCARD for the full install.

Changes in version 0.4.1 - 2 december 2014

  • update download sources
  • fix some bugs in main Makefile

Changes in version 0.4 - 27 march 2014

  • fix FLTK stability

Changes in version 0.4 - 21 march 2014

  • best Navit and Dillo integration
  • add openssl, ctorrent, net-bubble, imgv (SDL image viewer)
  • new version of flxplorer
  • implementation of suspend/resume
  • fix some bugs in Makefiles
  • fix source.txt

Changes in version 0.3 - 12 march 2014

  • nano-X use tslib
  • debug mode disabled in nano-X and nxlib
  • add of navit (had to change things in navit.xml)
  • new configs/etc_rc files and documentation for using ext2 SDpart and free some memory
  • gdb can be installed via cmd: make quick-gdb

Changes in version 0.2 - Version 6 March 2014

  • march=armv5te mtune=arm9tdmi used by default in compilation (warning with old hardware ?)
  • add libexpat to base build in Makefile (for gdb)
  • fix nano-X TomTom FrameBuffer Value => good colors
  • fix dosbox unaligned memory
  • add make quick-<sth> target to speed-up new installations
  • fix some bugs in Makefiles
  • fix nxterminal scroll to cursor position
  • add config sample for dosbox
  • use of SDL version of gnuboy + pad

Work with hardware

  • Work well with TomTom One XL
  • Work well with TomTom One (v2)
  • reported to work with TomTom Go 730

If you want to participate, to say that it work with your hardware, or ask a question, send me a mail : opentomĀ§

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started

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